Claim Rights in Montana

Wanna know how the Bureau of Land Management makes a little money on the side? It is all in mining claims. You can have several acres of land that you more or less “lease” from B.L.M. for the year. Me and Tori stake five acres a year for ourselves as what we call the “get away” property for about a hundred dollars. The fact is that most mining claims are not really worked, the B.L.M. has made the rules on this so paper-thin for a reason. They make a fair bit of money from it that is for certain. Though he wished to remain anonymous, the regional supervisor for mineral and or mining claim in the states of Montana and South Dakota tells me that their regional office handles 18,100 claims from the state of Montana and 2,500 in the state of South Dakota.

When asked about knowledge of the “recreational use” the anonymous supervisor stated; “I have no knowledge of that”. How much money does the B.L.M. make off of the claims across the region here in Montana and South Dakota. Well the average claim is nearly $100.00 and there are 20,600 claims run by the regional office. That come out to $2,060,000.00.

The regulations in place in the state of Montana allow for anyone to own a claim and even have removable structures on it. The claimant is only required to actually move and document 200 square inches of material in the entire year of the claim ownership as well. Even though the B.L.M. office has no knowledge of “recreational use” it is happening. There are hundreds of claims in the state that merely sit idle, waiting for someone to use it for recreational purposes. The Department of the Interior makes millions from this through management by the Bureau of Land Management and that is just in our neck of the woods.

When you want to have a nice little piece of property to play on, consider a mining claim. They are cheap leases of land that are supposed to be for “mining” but the paper-thin laws of our state allow anyone to have a claim in the great state of Montana.


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