Touring Big Sky Country

Montana is a beautiful, vast, and ever-growing state full of culture and heritage. There are so many things to do and see here that it can be a little overwhelming. We don’t want your trip to be overwhelming; we want it to be fun. You will remember your visit to big sky country for the rest of your life and there are many reasons why. The sheer beauty and vastness of the state will unearth the adventurer in anyone; from the green covered mountains of Glacier National Park to the natural beauty of Yellowstone National Park. Perhaps you would like to journey underground to the dark and mysterious Lewis and Clark Caverns or see the beautiful and historical fields of Big Hole Battlefield. There are countless reasons to visit our great state and there are many destinations within Montana worth visiting.

Glacier National Park

Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

Called the crown of the continent, Glacier National Park sits just north of Kalispell. Great hiking, camping, sightseeing, and an abundance of wildlife makes this one of the most popular locations in the great state of Montana. The tour bus for the Going to the Sun Road will take your breath away as you see Northwest Montana in all of her splendor and beauty. There are great lodging amenities within a short drive of the park entrance as well. Inside the park the natural views that you will see will take your breath away. A short drive south from the park and you will find Columbia Falls and Kalispell which offer some of the best shopping, dining, and lodging in the area. Many people come from all over the world to view the natural beauty of Glacier National Park and with good reason. It makes a great place for the entire family to visit.

Gates of the Mountains

Gates of the mountains

On your way towards the capital city of Helena, be sure to stop off and see the natural beauty of The Gates of the Mountains. A beautiful site that offers camping, dining, fishing, hiking, sightseeing, and swimming. The site also offers a great tour boat attraction that runs you up the very canyon that the Lewis and Clark company traveled. You will see the sheer cliffs that give the site its name and the natural wildlife can be seen throughout the entire trip. Board a large barge style vessel and learn the history of how our states was discovered. Learn about other cultures on the tour such as the Native American cultures and histories as well. There is so much history waiting to be discovered at the Gates of the Mountains. A great sightseeing adventure for the whole family.


Helena Montana

The capital of our great state offers some of the very best attractions around. Take a tour of the capitol building, learn about the wildlife of our state at the Montana WILD center, take the trolley tour down Last Chance Gulch, and learn the gold mining history of our entire state. Take a walk down the walking mall to shop all of  the local businesses and see what the saying made in Montana is really all about. In the Great Northern Town Center you can catch a movie or take the kids to Exploration works, a children’s museum for science and education.  Afterwards you can stop off at the Carousel and have some home made ice cream. There are dozens of locations for dining, lodging, fun, and adventure that Helena offers and it can be a very fun stop on your tour.

Lewis and Clark Caverns

Lewis and Clark Caverns

Located between Butte and Bozeman is the famous Lewis and Clark Caverns. The tour will take you underground on a tour of the natural limestone caverns. You will see large, natural, and beautiful stalactites and stalagmites while learning about the history of the caverns. Learn about the natural geological identity of the great state of Montana from a park tour guide and see what elements make up Montana. Camp for the night to get one of the best views of the night sky in the state and make it an evening of science and discovery for the entire family. Located near two of the major cities in the Montana, choose left and see the Irish mining culture of Butte or take a right and see the natural beauty of Bozeman. Lewis and Clark Caverns is also near Hollowtop Mountain which offers a great view of the natural beauty of Midwest Montana.

Big Hole Battlefield

Big Hole

The fateful place where, in August of 1877, the beautiful and cultural people of the Nez Perce fought the Cavalry of the United States Army. Stand in a hallowed place of history where the fate of so many were decided. Start your tour with a film at the visitor center and browse the bookstore. During the summer months take a tour guided by a park ranger. This park is located just north of Dillon and just South of Butte making it a short drive away from great lodging and dining. The battlefield will teach you the heart wrenching and awe-inspiring cultural history of Montana. Learn about where the native American cultures came from and where they are today. When walking the empty fields of Big Hole feel alive as if standing right beside history.

Bannack State Park

Once a major hub of activity, Bannack State Park is one of the more intact ghost towns of Montana. Learn how to pan for gold and tour the empty buildings. Learn about the Vigilantes and their adventures to capture outlaws throughout the state. Bannack got its start as a mining town and from there it grew and grew with the help of its arsenic mine. See the old schoolhouse, saloon, and gallows to share in the colorful history of our state. You will love walking the streets of the old west for yourself and seeing what life was like for a family in the Montana Territory. This state park is located only a short drive from Dillon and other popular sites to visit such as Wisdom and the famous Crystal Park or Jackson and their famous hot springs. Bannack is a very popular stop on the way through Montana and for good reason.

Yellowstone National Park


The geysers of Yellowstone National Park are timeless, beautiful, and awe-inspiring. There are many reasons to make a stop at Yellowstone National Park. The wildlife include grizzly bears, black bears, elk, and bison. There are packs of wolves and other amazing predators to view as well. Yellowstone is truly a magical place full of excitement and adventure for the whole family. There are many options for lodging and dining throughout the park and outlying towns. Learn about how the park was formed with one president’s dream to preserve and protect one of America’s last great wildlife ecosystems for the enjoyment of all. This park borders the states of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming which makes it a great staging point for you to continue on your adventure. While visiting you will learn things about our natural world that will astound and amaze you, such as the fact that the entirety of the park is volcanic and active. You will see the colorful ponds created by the mineral composition of the water. Yellowstone National Park is truly one of the best state parks in the entire country and makes one of the very best stops on your tour of our great state.

There are many reasons to visit our beautiful state. The culture, history, beauty and diversity of Montana is only surpassed by the kind and friendly people who call it home. There are so many things to see and to do for you and the entire family. The frontier is calling you to come see why this truly is the last best place.


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