Nature Out Our Front Door

OK so Tori and I live about a mile down the road from the Montana WILD center so she and I thought we would go have a look. This is an informative, fun and free place to teach the youth all about Montana’s wild outdoors. Several activities are offered for the whole family such as live fish aquariums for full of different species of fish found in our great state such as the Shovel-nose Sturgeon, Cutthroat Trout, Brown Trout, Arctic Greyling and several other species.


Other great features are the pelt and tracks station that will allow your children to feel what different pelts of different Montana wildlife fell like. The tracks station teaches you what tracks belong to what common species you may find in the field throughout the state. This can be a very fun game for children as they identify every track your family comes across during your visit and sitting right out the front door of the Montana WILD center is a state park with a lake with a mile long path around it. This state park is name Spring Meadow and it offers excellent fishing, hiking, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, boating and swimming. There are park bench’s throughout the park that serve great for picnics and lunches, full restroom facilities and even a paddle-boat renting booth for added fun.


The state of Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks offers a great variety of options for fishing licenses for out-of-state visitors with packages that range from all season licenses to one day licenses. This is a great feature for those who want to enjoy some angling while they visit and Spring Meadow Lake offers great fishing for Bass and Trout year round. This state park sits jut off of Highway entering into town making it a great quick stop to stretch the legs, let the kids learn and have some fun before continuing on.


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