Bugs, It’s Whats For Dinner

With the warmer weather that spring has brought us this year there is one thing that fisherman like me are excited for, and that is the spring hatch. Larva are hatching in and near the waters all over the country right now that will be bringing the fish back into their ravenous state. Many fly fisherman try their best to match their fly to the specific species that hatch in their area. There is a great selection of flies at Cabela’s but what fly works best?

What fly you use typically depends on the are you are fishing. Here in Montana there is a wide range of flies that work. One thing that I have found is that it really depends on the environment. One thing I have learned to do that may be a bit on the gross side for some is to open the stomach and have a look at the contents of one or two of the fish you catch. You can typically find the specific prey the species is after most. Here in Montana it is typically mayflies this time of year. The hatch typically starts at the beginning of spring and lasts a month and a half to two months.

Another insect that game fish love is the mosquito.  They hatch in and near water bodies by the thousands this time of year. When the hatch is really strong you can typically find hundreds of thousands of them hovering over the water. The only downside to this time of year is that you will likely be eaten alive by the mosquitoes. But hey, that ‘s the price we have to pay right? I have tried several different insect repelling products in the past and have never really found one that works perfectly by any means, but I have used the clip on repellant before and it worked better than others.

The key to fly fishing successfully anywhere in the world is to mimic the natural prey of game fish. Paying attention to the environment that you find yourself fishing in will go a long ways towards bringing home dinner or not.


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