I need a drink

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Strength of Sobriety

There I have said it. Now what can we do to prevent it? Can we just avoid alcohol? Well I have got news for you, alcohol isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. A truly sober person can say no to the drink. Anyone can “not” walk into a bar, but not everyone can walk into a bar and “not” drink. A counselor I used to see called this “self efficacy” and told me that it was merely having the confidence in knowing that you “will not” drink regardless of how much is front of you. I am in the late stages of sobriety at this time and now the focus is no longer getting sober, it is staying sober. My therapist in Rehab spends quite a bit of our session time talking about ways to prevent relapse. I have personally found that the urge to drink comes when I am upset…

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