Ghost Towns of Montana – Hassel

Have you ever strolled the lonely, empty streets of a ghost town? The sheer amount of history and nostalgia that take you is overwhelming. Recently I have had the pleasure to visit a small out-of-the-way ghost town called Hassel, MT. It sits just west of Townsend, MT and is a short drive up the mountain.


Hassel at one point was a mining town, it included a brothel, post office, cabins and even a main street. The scenery around the ghost town is overflowing with beautiful scenery. Abandoned mine shafts are everywhere to be discovered and explored. One of the signature buildings in the town is the brothel. It sits two stories tall with what we believe is a basement underneath. The floors are all rotted away but the two main smoke stacks have managed to survive all this time. There is a large porch and staircase leading down the front of the estate that have long since rotted as well.


Now the great thing that I have found about Hassel is that you are a ten minute walk from countless sights to see. There are abandoned mine shafts, shacks, train tracks and a whole lot more.


Hassel has a very rough road to drive in colder months however. Spring is exceptionally difficult due to spring run off as well. However if you have the means to make it up there and see this beauty of a town, you will not be disappointed.



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